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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
2:26 pm
All Call : Northern England ARST: Special Projects

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Bill Gerrard has decided to step away from the role of ARST: History. I'd like to thank him for all the work he did whilst in the role of ARST: History and wish him well in his future endeavours as DST Manchester.

That being said, I am now accepting applications for the newly created position of ARST: Special Projects which will be replacing the ARST: History role. The deadine for application is Wednesday, May 17th at midnight. Please include:

Name, Membership Number and Contact Information (Email & Phone preferrably)
Vision Statement (What can you bring to the role besides what I've asked for?)
Camarilla Resume
Real Life Resume (as appropriate) - This is not required unless you feel
it will bolster your cam resume.
References - 3-5 Camarilla references

* * * * *

ARST - Special Projects:

* Applicants for the position of ARST: Special Projects will be asked to continue on with the Northern England Region History Document.

* It is a preferrable quality in applicants for the role of ARST: Special Projects that they have a firm grasp of real world history within the Northern Region.

* Applicants should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills as they work with the Venue Storytellers of the Northern England Region to incorporate their domain histories and significant events into the Regional Timeline.

* Applicants should be malleable and able to adapt themselves easily to perform tasks requested of them, whenever the task is asked of them.

* Applicants should have a firm grasp of White Wolf's World of Darkness (including The Requiem, the Forsaken and the Awakening). Applicants will be expected to lead projects and collaborate with the Northern England RST and the Venue Storytellers of the Northern England Region to produce Settings Guides for each Venue specific to Northern England cultures.

* Applicants should have a firm grasp of White Wolf's World of Darkness rules systems as the Northern England RST will be requesting commentary on Custom mechanic applications.

* * * * *


Liam T. Draper - UK2001061047 - RST Northern England
RSTs Website: http://northern.camarilla.org.uk/rst/
IRC: Liam-OOC / Email: storyteller@northern.camarilla.org.uk
"Whether you like it or whether you don't . . . it's the best thing going today." -- Ric Flair
Friday, September 16th, 2005
9:51 am
York and Wakefield Requiem combo - Every 1st Saturday
Redditch Dark Ages first Saturday
Birmingham Dark Ages first Sunday.
Sheffield Mortals: 2nd Saturday in a month, afternoon.
Sheffield Requiem - 2nd Saturday
Birmingham Requiem - every 2nd Sunday
Birmingham Changling: 2nd Sunday of October, followed by the 2nd Saturday of November, and onwards in a repeating two-month pattern.
Staffordshire Requiem: 2nd Monday evening of each month.
Manchester Requiem - Every 3rd Saturday
Birmingham Forsaken - every 2nd Saturday, every 3rd Sunday
Sheffield Forsaken: Every fourth Sunday, afternoon.
Huddersfield - 4 week cycle, next game is September 30th

(x posted to my journal)
Friday, April 15th, 2005
11:18 am
This weekend.
Sorry guys I don't think I will ba able to make any games this weekend as I am too Poor.

Hope to catch you all later in the month.

Friday, February 18th, 2005
1:17 pm
First post
Tonight: Huddersfield Requiem
Saturday: Manchester Requiem

This community is for these kinds of postings and also for other regional/event news for the Northern Region of CamUK. Ask questions here as well.

Locations to be provided as per query.
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